In mid 2010 Yamaha announced they were finally offering the Yamaha Super Tenere in the USA.  The bike was on sale in other parts of the world but Yamaha kept dragging their feet until enough momentum built up for “Adventure” motorcycles in the USA.  Of course by then the mighty BMW GS was the market leader specially after the Ewan McGregor and Charley Boorman Long Way Round and Long Way Down adventures.  I was in the market for an Adventure motorcycle to take me to Alaska and the day Yamaha announced it would be sold here I left work early and headed to the local dealer with a $500 check for the deposit.  I had to wait one year for the Tenere to arrive at my dealer.

On Friday, July 29th 2011 my dealer called, the package had arrived.   I dropped everything and headed to the dealer in a hurry.  The package was out back and still closed.  I opened the box myself and was finally able to see my Yamaha Super Ténéré.  


The mods started soon after I picked up the bike.  I needed good protection because my first big trip was going to be to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.   I knew I wanted good well made and strong equipment, I had done my research and had selected AltRider for protection.  I picked a black powder coated skid plate to go with the black motif.  It’s a very well made part and very strong and will protect the headers and the oil filter from rocks and other flying debris.

SAM_4094 SAM_4096

For side protection the Altrider crash bars are built from one inch stainless steel tubing, very strong, well made and hopefully they will never rust.  The Tenere has the radiator and fan mounted under the left side panel and the crash bar will protect it from a side fall.  They are designed to distribute the weight across six mounting points, three on each side and are powder coated in black.

SAM_4091 SAM_4092

Once again Altrider came to the rescue with a very well built and strong aluminum rack with lots of places to hook bungee cords. The rack has a small area underneath that allows for the storage of a little toolbox or compressor.    Even though the Tenere kick stand has a pretty large foot print, it can never be big enough in soft sand, bigger is always better.  Altrider makes the perfect side stand foot to keep it from sinking or falling on soft surfaces.

SAM_4084 SAM_4086

 From the beginning I had pictured my Super Ténéré in full black guise and the SW-Motech TraX panniers suits the Super Ténéré with the rugged look and continue with the dark theme.  The Super Ténéré has the exhaust muffler on the left side and it’s of considerable size due.  The luggage system has to take the muffler into account and that requires the panniers to be of different size to maintain symmetry.  The left pannier is 37 Liters and the right side is 45 Liters.  The top bag is 38 Liters and is big enough for my helmet.


 I need a place to carry tools and not take usable space inside my bags.  Twisted Throttle sells a Tool Tube that’s perfect to carry a few tools and can be mounted easily on the bike.  The tube is plastic and waterproof.   I opted to mount it on the left side right above the exhaust.  It fits perfectly and does not interfere with the bag or anything I might put across the back seat since it’s below the seat level.



This page will be modified as more mods are added to the bike.




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